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Function of a contract engineer

We offer the service of investor supervision in the implementation of investments in all industries, in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Law and other applicable regulations, as well as a specific contract, including, for instance:

  • coordinating (and planning) activities of all participants of the construction process to ensure the implementation of the investment within the given period while maintaining the high quality of works performed,
  • providing supervision over ensuring safety and compliance with fire regulations and Health and Safety for all participants of the investment implementation process, within the meaning of the requirements set by the Construction Law and other applicable regulations, during the whole process of the investment; in particular verifying whether the persons performing work on the construction site have the required qualifications and ensuring order on the construction site,
  • making entries in the construction log of all circumstances significant from the point of view of the project implementation, and circumstances that may be of significance from the point of view of the general contractor’s liability towards the investor,
  • coordinating the process of obtaining consents for the supply of electricity, water, heat, etc. necessary to complete the investment,
  • checking investment settlement documents in terms of content and accounting, and ongoing analysis of investment costs and statements, and making or verifying the accounts of the general contractor,
    current written information for the investor on the progress of the project, indicating possible threats and their reasons for the general contractor’s compliance with the deadlines set in the contract for the execution of construction works and suggesting solutions to such problems,
  • initiating alterations to the content of the contract for the execution of construction works,
  • suggesting the legitimacy/necessity of performing replacement works and issuing opinions on such works,
  • suggesting the legitymacy/necessity of carrying out additional work and giving opinions on such work,
  • participating in/running working conferences at the construction site and participating in meetings organised by the general contractor,
  • coordinating and carrying out receipts and reporting defects,
  • giving opinions and approving the Works Organisation Project – as part of the contract for the execution of construction works, including elements working on the recipients,
  • reporting the legitimacy of charging contractual penalties to the general contractor and their amount,
  • verifying the completeness, reliability and accuracy of the as-built technical documentation, etc. submitted by the general contractor as part of the acceptance procedures,
  • supervising and checking the quality of building materials, equipment, installations, etc. used or assembled by the general contractor as part of the undertaking – in particular in the context of their quality, certificates and approvals held,
  • verifying whether entities involved in the implementation of the project have the status of subcontractors, and checking the correctness of the accounts of the general contractor with these entities,
    obtaining or coordinating administrative decisions, opinions, agreements, positions of administrative bodies during or after the completion of the Project, and obtaining a final (in the administrative course of the instance) and an unconditional decision on the permission to use the investment,
  • keeping current correspondence with the general contractor and providing them with necessary explanations, advice, recommendations or instructions,
  • handing over (to the investor) the investment together with a set of all of the required documents required by law, ready for immediate use,
  • acting on behalf of the investor before administrative authorities and courts, in matters arising from the implementation of the investment, within the limits of the powers of attorney granted,
    archiving correspondence and documentation related to the implementation of the investment, including letters, e-mails and faxes, and providing them to the ordering party in a complete state (in chronological order) after completion of the investment,
  • conducting warranty inspections of the investment,
  • giving opinions on investment defects found during the warranty period,
  • other obligations arising for the contractor from the provisions of law or the provisions of the contract for the execution of construction works.

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