Warszawskie Centrum Postępu Techniczno-Organizacyjnego Budownictwa

Działamy od 1982 roku

Technical expertise, opinions and technical certificates

We provide comprehensive services in the area of evaluation and examination of the technical condition of buildings and structures, certificates and opinions, expert opinions, technical consulting (definition and correction of technical and structural defects).

We evaluate the building condition and its suitability for further use or planned reconstruction, and assess the condition of the installation (e.g. sanitary, electrical etc.), prepare descriptions of damages in the examined components (scratches, cracks, moisture and fungus), perform assessments of the causes of damage and recommendations for necessary repairs, reinforcements, drying and insulation and recommendations on carrying out these repairs.

We carry out periodic inspections of construction works.

The studies are carried out by experienced engineers and construction technicians with appropriate powers, and building appraisers.

For years, we have maintained close cooperation with Politechnika Warszawska (the Warsaw University of Technology) and Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (the Building Research Institute) in Warsaw, as well as with other units with laboratory facilities.

Contact us: tel. +48 22 626-00-21, e-mail: wacetob@wacetob.com.pl