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Investment supervisions

Performing comprehensive investor supervision over the entire investment process.
The activities falling within the scope of investor’s supervision in accordance with art. 25 of the Act of 7 July 1994 Construction Law:

  • representing the investor at the construction site by controlling the compliance of its implementation with the project and building permit, regulations and principles of technical knowledge,
  • checking the quality of works and embedded construction products, in particular, preventing the use of defective and unsuitable construction products in the construction,
  • checking and receiving construction works that are covered or disappearing, participating in technical tests and commissioning of installations, technical devices and chimney ducts, as well as preparation and participation in the commissioning of finished construction works and their transfer for use,
  • confirmation of the work actually carried out and removal of defects, as well as, at the request of the investor, controlling the construction accounts.

Scope of duties of the investor’s supervision inspector may be further extended by:

Activities prior to commencement of construction

  • checking project documentation for compliance with applicable regulations, the Construction Law, technical and construction standards and for completeness from the point of view of the purpose for which it is to be used,
  • checking investor cost estimates covering all industry projects (in accordance with the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of 18.05.2004 on defining the methods and basis for preparing the investor’s cost estimate, calculating the planned costs of project works and planned costs of construction works),
  • establishing rules for controlling works and embedded materials – agreeing with the investor and the general contractor on the quality assurance plan for the works being performed,
  • determining the documents necessary for technical inspections, partial acceptance and final acceptance of the construction by the general contractor,
  • providing an opinion on the construction implementation schedule,
  • giving opinions on: terms of the contract with the general contractor, terms of the tender,
  • participating in tender committees,
  • participating in the development of tender documents,
  • advising on the preparation of contracts with the general contractor of the investment,
  • advising on the development of tender documents for construction projects,
  • providing consultancy and verification of the specification of essential terms of the contract in the area of construction.

Activities during the construction:

  • ongoing supervision over the compliance of the execution of works with the construction completion schedule,
  • monthly reports on the progress of all works in relation to the schedule of execution of the general contractor employed by the investor, including the presentation of possible problems and threats related to the project implementation, with particular consideration of the arrangements of weekly coordination meetings with the general contractor and subcontractors, designers and inspectors,
  • ongoing investor update (and making appropriate entries in the construction log) about all risks to the timely implementation of construction and other events affecting the construction that may expose the investor to financial or material losses,
  • cooperation with the author’s supervision and enforcement, on behalf of the investor, from the designer of the obligations arising from the contract concluded with the designer, in particular the activities of the author’s supervision over the project documentation performed by them in the scope of: agreeing on the possibility of introducing replacement solutions in relation to those provided in the project documentation submitted by the investor, contractor or investor’s supervision, supplementing documentation and clarifying doubts according to the needs of the project implementation,
  • checking the compliance of works performed with the approved documentation, standards and conditions of the building permit, detailed designs and safety rules,
  • ongoing quality control of the performed works and documents: certificates and quality certificates for embedded materials, completing on-going as-built documentation,
  • checking the conformity of devices, materials and elements with the required certificates and product certificates, and declarations of conformity,
  • participation in technical acceptance of works, installations, devices, components, etc. within the competence of the authorities or state institutions,
  • control of the correct completion of the construction documentation by the general contractor,
  • participation in coordination meetings and working meetings at the construction site and participation in the works of committees related to the construction; checking whether recommendations from previous meetings are being carried out,
  • performing progress control,
  • verification of the protocols of the necessity and amount of discontinued, spare and additional works presented by the general contractor,
  • giving opinions on applications for additional and replacement works reported by the investor,
  • giving opinions on the general contractor’s applications regarding the change of the manner of execution in construction works and the change of materials, machines and devices,
  • making entries documenting the actual state of construction, enforcing recommendations for the general contractor of works,
  • participation in partial or phased acceptance of the construction in accordance with the contract concluded by the investor and the contractor,
  • indication of defects, supervision over their removal and confirmation of their removal – preparation of an appropriate protocol,
  • enforcing from the contractor the set of documents necessary for the final acceptance, cooperation in determining the requirements for the as-built documentation prepared and completed by the contractor – as-built projects, test reports, verifications and measurements, certificates and approvals, operating instructions, operation manuals, manuals, etc.,
  • issuing orders to the construction manager or work supervisor confirmed by an entry in the construction log on removing irregularities or hazards, performing tests or examinations, including those requiring the unveiling of works or components subject to partial acceptance, preparation of documents for final acceptance or commissioning,
  • checking the as-built documentation submitted for collection and confirming its compliance with the actual state of the works performed,
  • compliance and control of the application by participants of the construction process of entries in the biosecurity plan, established procedures, instructions and other documents related to health and safety in the area of supervised works.

In the scope of activities related to final acceptance and handover of the facility for use:

  • conducting inspections, carrying out the protocol acceptance of works, assembled devices, including checking the start-up tests, indicating any shortcomings and faults, as well as establishing the rules and dates of their removal and restarting,
  • participation in technical tests and acceptance of the finished facility,
  • preparation of opinions regarding defects of completed works considered unfit for removal,
  • confirmation of the entry to the construction log about the completion of works and the state of readiness for final acceptance of the facility,
  • participation in final acceptance activities, and in activities necessary to obtain a final decision on handing over the facility for use,
  • preparation of documents necessary to submit an application for obtaining a use permit by the investor along with the required legal provisions and statements of persons performing independent functions,
  • supervision over the removal of defects found in the final acceptance report and confirmation of their removal,
  • achieving final acceptance of the investment, participation in acceptance commissions and transfer of investments for exploitation,
  • settlement of investment costs after construction and obtaining a valid occupancy permit.

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