Warszawskie Centrum Postępu Techniczno-Organizacyjnego Budownictwa

Działamy od 1982 roku

Cost estimation

We develop cost estimates and bills of quantities: investor, quote, parts, and built in the following industries:

  • general construction investment,
  • general building renovation,
  • sanitary installations (water supply, sewage, central heating, hot water, technical heat, chilled water, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • electrical installations (including power lines),
  • teletechnical installations and structural networks.

We check and verify bills and cost estimates.
We prepare and update catalogs of material inputs.

We prepare inventories of buildings and facilities for cost estimation.
We update and valorise cost estimates.

Contact us: tel. +48 22 626-00-21, e-mail: wacetob@wacetob.com.pl